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my bloody valentine
oh la la jensen wait why have you got a pickaxe
wait wait NO NO

The Princess Diaries.

Well alright.


Third Star….

Dead Bodies

Welp, I’m screwed.

Can I at least be the psycho chick who turns horrible situations into psychological studies? That kinda sounds like me anyways…

Sherlock holmes…


 Woman in Black ._.

i don’t know what to think about this

The Digimon movie. Fuck yes. 

I watched Only You…OH GOSH. hahahaa.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2….

Um.. I don’t know what to think.

I last watched “What Happened In Vegas” last night. So I’ll have a real crazy time in Las Vegas which ends in marriage and a jackpot of $3,000,000 which will either be split equally between me and my marriage partner (i.e. Ashton Kutcher - please let this happen nao) which goes wrong for 6 months then I realize that I like him before he fucks me over with my ex-fiancée. But then he comes and gives me a picture back then we kiss and make up and live happily every after, the end.


Sorry for the plot synopsis.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

She has a pretty good life, it’s fine with me :}

Sherlock Holmes

Stuart: a life backwards

Shame. So, very fucked. Literally.

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    Checks my recently watched queue on Netflix. "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" Oh dear god I’m going to die from crappy...
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    Pacific Rim… Hell yeah
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    amongst—dreams: It was Super Troopers…I like this
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    Tinkerbell and the pirate fairy Ok
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    the tournament …. I’m lost
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    … Natural Born Killers… Sweet!
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    I’m gonna fish salmon in the yemen…..
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    HTTYD 2. I’m ok with this.
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    Dawn of the planet of the apes. Well, time to embrace my ape overlords.
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    Gundam Unicorn counts as movies, right? (Yessss mobile suits yesssss)
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    Haha, it was Michael Kohlhaas. What a strange life story.
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    Lord of the Rings, Return of the King. Um…This could be either awesome or really horrible.
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    Heathers …Fuck
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    V for Vendetta awww yeaaah
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    Voldemort came back and he touched me.
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    I’m in Frozen, so I guess I’m fine? I get to see a moose and a living snowman on a regular basis? Maybe learn to ice...
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    I’m pretty sure the last movie I watched was Tarzan? So…am I Tarzan or Jane? Because if I’m Tarzan I’m fucked. I can’t...
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